Monday, October 25, 2010

What Does C/d And B(m) Stand For In Shoe Size?

Massarella .. and go to great!

Massarella .. Oh yes .. the great!
Why this title? I'll tell you. Yesterday morning I decided to do a workout with Dani and Miche, a workout on a path that is as beautiful as tough and challenging.
Massarella's lap I particularly like in this period, the smell of an autumn mix thoroughly forwarded to a few rays of sunshine that is still trying to peep between a gray sky and the leaves become tired of a season pass.
decide to repeat the course twice, the first to warm up and test the legs and the second to try to make a good time.
During the first 6.46 kilometers, with Dani Miche and not on top form but still valuable, we exchange the usual four beats. I can not help but look at the nature and the landscape around a while where there is no affront to maintain a steady pace but the legs have to get used to sudden changes of pace. Halfway through the first round Miche stops for a physiological problem, Dani and I look behind us but the coach told me that during the second lap we must improve the best employees in the first 31:36.
Start a great test. Very concentrated push without give up, I want to beat my record on this tour is 30:07 and going back to November 2009. Dani
follow me carefully advise you where and where not to push harder, so the most difficult to climb, where I can keep the right pace.
Less than 1700 meters. Dani looked at me and laughs, I understand now that we have, not the time to quit but believe it and push to "curse". Miche
comes to us and help the company becomes even more enjoyable and rich .. "Marcoooooooooo pretend to pull the 400 meter sprint is missing do not give up ..."
spring and who ... thanks guys ...
tow my garmin: 28:19.
then? Miche gives me sincere compliments, I see they are sincere and heart like Dani, you are the ones that are good compliments to the right point and urge that you do not understand that we must "never underestimate them, but never ever give up believing have arrived and you can pull the oars. "
you say? You enjoy it but a workout?
I answer yes, because there are no opponents in the race but emotions and feelings and there is also the nature that she magnificently yesterday in a hushed atmosphere month of November you company along with two great friends.
great week everyone!


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